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2015 02 27

Cyprus - Recent
(in English language)

2015 09 30 Around the end of September, 2015, Greek Cypriots once again commemorated their armed struggle of 1955 until 1959 against British rule. Their president Nikos Anastasiades took the opportunity of his presence at the General Assembly of the United Nations to highlight relevant celebrations of Greek Americans in New York by his participation. The Greek terroristic violence of that period was and is being justified by the Greek party of the Cyprus Conflict with their demand for self government, free from foreign domination. The Cyprus Conflict, however, with its repeated violent Greek armed aggressions of 1963/64 and 1974, consists of that Greek conflicting party, with the powerful help of the United Nations Organisation, denying the demand of the Turkish Cypriots to govern themselves free from Greek domination. The recent celebrations provide a strong reminder of this inconsistency explaining the basic reason for the failure of all attempts made during the past half century of ending the Cyprus conflict. It also provides a reminder of the inconsistency of the support of the Greek party to the conflict with the general approval of the American fight for independence in the late 18th century and with a basic requirement for international peace. (Christian Heinze, 2015 09 30)
2015 02 28 TRNC PIO news tell us of the Greek Republic of South Cyrus having concluded this week new contracts between GRSC and Russia providing GRSC with financial favours and Russia with economic and transport facilities in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Considering hints emanating from mainland Greece to the possibility of Greece impeding European politics towards Russia or even joining - with its purportedly formidable European-financed military forces - the Russian camp unless Europe forgets several hundreds of billion Euros with which it had recentyly credited Greece and adds a few dozen more, it would be interesting to learn more about the contents and possible effects of the recent agreements between the other Greek EU-member and Russia. Will the EU or Nato or some of its member governments investigate and let us know the results as well as consequences they plan to derive from them ? (Christian Heinze, 2015 02 28)
2015 02 27 In a speech made, according to TRNC PIO news, around the end of February 2015, the US Ambassador John M. Koenig said about Cyprus: “They either choose to improve relations or they will choose the status quo and alienation, a road which is far away from solution.” I think the Ambassador is wrong in assuming that no alternative exists between the status quo and alienation . The status quo consists of alienation because of the usurpatory Cyprus policy of the Greek party to the conflict which has been supported for 50 years, among others, by the government of the United States and culminates presently in the embargo imposed on the TRNC through non-recognition. If the TRNC were recognized and the equal status of the two Communities thus established, the ground would be paved for a permanently peaceful “solution” by gradually overcoming alienation. (Christian Heinze, 2015 02 27 - for more reading: vide