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Excerpts from a Newsletter by TRNC and a "Reminder" by Dr. Christian Heinze correcting his description as "Vice President" and "Professor"


Heinze: “Cyprus problem has started with Enosis”

German lawyer Dr. Christian Heinze who gave service between the years of 1960-1963 at the Cyprus Republic as the as the Vice President of Constitutional Court stated that Greek Cypriot fascism has become violent due to Greek Cypriots’ struggle of Enosis for uniting Cyprus to Greece. “With that aim, a terrorist organization was established and conflicts have occurred because Turkish Cypriots did not want to be a part of Greece” Heinze added.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

in your communication of 6th June, 2014, I am being addressed as a former "vice-president" of the Constitutional Court of Cyprus. This is far from reality: In 1962/63 I was a young lawyer and an assistant of the President and, therefore, not even a member, and, in particular, not a vice president of that Court. .....

It may be useful to remark, in this connection, that I am sometimes named a "professor" in Turkish Cyprus, which I am not. I am a Dr. of Law (degree earned in the University of Heidelberg) and have written a number of scientific contributions to legal problems mainly in the field of public law, as well as legal and political publications on the Cyprus Conflict (vide my homepage

I should also like to remark that I have not used the term "fascism" (as contained in your newsletter of 6th June 2014) in my talk of 27th May,  broadcast on 5th June, 2014 (or in any of my publications concerning the Cyprus Conflict), as it does not describe the relevant quality of Greek policy in its particular substance. This policy is better described as a usurpation of Turkish rights stipulated in the agreements and so-called-constitution of 1959/1960, this usurpation being supported and executed by massive Greek government backed violence against the whole Turkish community of Cyprus

Sincerely yours
Christian Heinze